Star Trek: Michael Dorn Comments on Possibility of Worf Appearing in Picard

Michael Dorn has long said that'd take a meaty part to get him to put his Klingon makeup back on [...]

Michael Dorn has long said that'd take a meaty part to get him to put his Klingon makeup back on for Star Trek: Picard. He hasn't budged from that stance and says no one from Star Trek: Picard has tried to contact about appearing one way or the other. Dorn is out promoting his new film Agent Revelation and spent some time talking about the possibility of reprising his role as Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for Star Trek: Picard. While he's still pitching his idea for a Captain Worf spinoff series, he says there hasn't been any real discussion about him appearing in any of the current CBS All Access shows.

"I have not been contacted about that," Dorn tells Trek Movie. "But I don't like to say yes or no. It really depends on quite a few things. It depends on the role. It depends on how they want to present it. The one thing you have to realize is that I have to get into makeup. You are talking about three hours. For me to do that, it really has to be kind of worth it, you know what I mean? I don't want to get in makeup and just stand around and scowl at people."

The idea of voicing Worf in animation for Star Trek: Lower Decks also came up, since Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis set that precedent with their appearances in the first season's finale (and, in Frakes' case, upcoming return in season two). Dorn says he hasn't been approached for that show either.

Dorn has consistently made it clear that he won't bother going through Worf's makeup process for a simple cameo role. "I'm only interested in if it's something really interesting; if the character was a major part of the franchise or whatever the show is," he said previously. "He's not just going to show up, beat somebody up, and then go home."

Do you hope to see Michael Dorn return as Worf in Star Trek: Picard? Let us know in the comments. The first season of Star Trek: Picard is streaming now on CBS All Access. The second season begins production in February.

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