Star Trek: Wil Wheaton Wants to Reunite With Patrick Stewart in Picard

Star Trek: The Next Generation star Wil Wheaton would love to reprise his role as Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: Picard. While coming back in the animated comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks would only require Wheaton's voice performance, the actor says he'd be eager to work with Patrick Stewart in live-action on Star Trek: Picard. "Oh, yeah," he tells Trek Movie. "If they were interested in me, I would do absolutely everything I could to get to "yes." If I got to work with Patrick again and if I had the privilege of performing in a scene with him again, it would be such a gift and such a blessing. That would be an amazing, amazing experience that I would absolutely love to happen."

There's no way of knowing if the writers and producers of Star Trek: Picard have plans for Wesley Crusher. However, when spoke to Wheaton's former Next Generation co-star Jonathan Frakes earlier this year, he seemed confident that there'd be more Next Generation characters in the CBS All Access series's future seasons.

"I do expect to be back to direct the show, and I also think it'd be a good bet that we'll some other members of Next Gen because I think the 'Nepenthe' test went very well," Frakes says. Frakes both directed episodes of Star Trek: Picard's first season and appeared in the episode titled "Nepenthe," alongside The Next Generation's Marina Sirtis, and the show's first season finale. "I think to see if there was an appetite. I think they suspected there was, but I think to see if it would resonate to have Picard reunite with some of the people in a creative way. I'm glad we didn't come back on the Titan, for instance, that we were found on another part [of the universe]. It's 33 years or something. As Picard as changed, so has Riker and Troi and so has Seven."

LeVar Burton, another Next Generation star, hinted in the past at his possible return as Geordi La Forge in Picard. "How do I answer this without getting myself in trouble? I think it is reasonable to think that those people are still a part of Picard's life," Burton said. "Sure, what the hell, absolutely... You will see us all, probably not all at the same time but... You know, never say never.

"I have suggested to the producers that perhaps we find Geordi in a position where he is teaching, passing that knowledge on to another generation of people. We'll see. Alex [Kurtzman] and the folks in charge [are] doing an amazing job. When they call, and whatever it is they want me to do, I'm pretty sure It's going to be spectacular."


All of Star Trek: The Next Generation and the first season of Star Trek: Picard are streaming now on CBS All Access.