Star Trek: Picard Stars Tease Twists and Turns With Returning Next Generation Cast

There are some surprises in store for the returning Star Trek: The Next Generation cast members in the final season of Star Trek: Picard. Most of the new cast introduced in Picard's first two seasons are exiting ahead of season three. However, Jeri Ryan will return as Seven as Nine, and Michelle Hurd is back as Raffi Musiker. The duo participated in a Twitter spaces conversation about Star Trek: Picard. Ryan and Hurd spoke about what fans should expect from the show's final season and what it was like working with the returning Star Trek veterans.

"First of all, I think our Star Trek family is going to be really excited about this third season," Hurd said (via TrekMovie). "It's really delicious. And there are more twists and turns… Maybe fans are anticipating some twists and turns, but there's a bunch of them there… The players who are coming to play with us–each time somebody walked on set it was like a historic moment. Everybody would come onto the soundstage and we were just so excited to welcome back these individuals. And the stories that Jeri and I get to explore are incredibly exciting and action-packed and emotional. I think it's just going to give you guys a lot–it's not even like easter eggs. We're just gonna be putting some stuff straight out. It's in your face. I think you guys will be as giddy as we were shooting it."

Ryan, who previously starred in Star Trek: Voyager, added, "And on a personal basis, because these people are my friends. I've known them all for years through conventions and things like that. So getting to play with these people, it was like going to work and having a play date every day. It was so much fun. So much fun!"

As for where Raffi and Seven's relationship is headed, Hurd said, "Well, I think that no matter what, there's always going to be like the deepest respect between these women… There's a connection. There's a shorthand. There's acceptance and trust. I believe that that's where Raffi will always place Seven. She believes in this person. She trusts this person, implicitly. She's so connected and respectful of this person. And so those two women will always walk in the path camaraderie and companionship and support."

"Yeah, absolutely," Ryan added. "I think the way Michelle put it is exactly right. I think at the very basic level, they'll always kind of be home for each other. Regardless of what paths life takes them on, they will always sort of just be home. A safe space and a comfortable, trusted space. There's so much respect there. There's so much love there. And so much trust."

Star Trek: Picard's first two seasons are streaming now on Paramount+. The show's third and final season has already wrapped filming.