Star Trek: CBS All Access Executive Talks Expansion Strategy, When to Expect New Shows

One of the programming executives for CBS All Access says the streaming service is handling the [...]

One of the programming executives for CBS All Access says the streaming service is handling the Star Trek franchise with care.

Julie McNamara, executive vice president of original content for CBS All Access, says the streaming service is being careful and strategic with how it rolls out new Star Trek content.

"There's no benefit to just pushing out into the marketplace tons of Star Trek content. That's not our intention," McNamara told The Wrap. "We're looking to mine it wisely and effectively."

While there are several Star Trek shows in the works for CBS All Access - Star Trek: Discovery just launched its second season and there's a spinoff starring Michelle Yeoh in development, as well as the upcoming Picard series and the animated comedy Lower Decks - McNamara notes that there is plenty of other original shows available on the service and more in the making.

"It really is important that we're out there establishing a full-fledged premium service and really add a lot of things that aren't Star Trek as well," McNamara said.

That said, Star Trek is one of the biggest entertainment franchises in the world. It makes sense to feature Star Trek prominently on CBS All Access, but McNamara says variety and timing are the keys to ensuring that they do so successfully.

"In an ideal world, Star Trek fans would be interested in great Star Trek shows that could be a variety of talent and subject matter," McNamara says. "They have to feel right, and the timing has to feel right."

To that point, McNamara adds that it may be some time before the already announced Star Trek projects premiere. The Picard series won't air until late 2019, Yeoh's show may not premiere until Star Trek: Discovery has ended, and there's at least a year of animation work to be done before Lower Decks is ready.

"When I look at how the schedule is theoretically laying out on my desk, it does not feel like it's one after another," she said. "Some of these can be considered as replacements as opposed to additions. These Trek shows take a lot of incubation because they're very prep heavy, visual effects heavy…we're seeing it more as we're getting a good jump on making sure that there is a good fulsome stream of Trek material."

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New Star Trek: Discovery episodes are available to stream Thursdays at 8:30 pm ET on CBS All Access.