'Star Trek Timelines' Brings Back Holodeck Favorites for "Photonic Fantasies"

Fan favorite characters from Star Trek's holodeck are making a comeback in Star Trek Timelines' "Photonic Fantasies" event.

The "Photonic Fantasies" event sees the return of Minuet, the highly intelligent and alluring holodeck program from the Star Trek: The Next Generation Season One episode "11001001." Minuet has begun appearing, seemingly uninvited, in holosuite programs on Deep Space Nine at about the same time that the space stations inhabitants have started becoming addicted to holosuite activities. Starfleet must find out what Minuet is up to. Is this a personal quest for identity and companionship, or something more sinister?

The "Photonic Fantasies" storyline will play out over four events throughout the month of October as players send their Starfleet captains to investigate Minuet's motives. Along the way, they'll meet new recruitable holodeck characters such as Guinan's holodeck alter-ego, Gloria, the "Author" Doctor, and Minuet herself.

Here's the event schedule for the "Photonic Fantasies" mega-event:

  • October 4 – Pygmalion, Hybrid Faction/Galaxy Event
  • October 11 – Updated and Revised, Galaxy Event
  • October 18 – What Is a Man?, Faction Event
  • October 25 – Captain Proton to the Rescue!, Skirmish Event

Star Trek Timelines features characters, stories and settings from Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Trek: Discovery, allowing players to collect their favorite characters into a versatile crew capable of handling any challenge.

It was recently announced that Star Trek Timelines developer Disruptor Beam would receive a $29 million investment as part of an expanded partnership with Tipping Point, which will result in the further expansion of Star Trek Timelines.

"Time and again, Disruptor Beam has proven they can transform cherished entertainment properties into truly top-notch character collection RPGs," said Kevin Segalla, CEO, Tilting Point in a press release when the deal was announced. "We are excited to deepen our relationship by bringing the full weight of our publishing and marketing expertise to grow an existing title, and of course we are thrilled to take the next step – developing a brand-new game together."

"Our expanded partnership with Tilting Point will drive significant growth for Disruptor Beam for years to come," Jon Radoff, CEO and co-founder of Disruptor Beam, said. "First, it provides the growth capital necessary to reach the global Star Trek audience. Second, we're excited to begin co-developing an additional licensed game that builds on our expertise in the character-collecting genre, continuing our mission of bringing fans deeper into the worlds that they love."

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Star Trek Timelines is available on the App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, Steam and Facebook.

Source: StarTrek.com