Star Trek: A Classic Villain Is Running for President

Last week, Star Trek released a campaign ad for Jonathan Archer's 2814 bid to become the United Federation of Planets president. That's not the only presidential election happening in Star Trek right now. IDW Publishing's Star Trek: Year Five comic book series chronicles the adventures of Capt. James T. Kirk and his crew after the five-year mission of Star Trek: The Original Series ends. Those adventures have seen Kirk's crew adopt a baby Tholian, turned old ally Gary-Seven into a new enemy, and brought a vengeful Klingon to Earth's doorstep. And now Kirk finds himself in his most dangerous predicament yet: embroiled in presidential politics.

Kirk's old friend Areel Shaw (from The Original Series episode "Court Martial") welcomes him home upon returning to Earth. She then asks him to run for president. It seems the Federation is dealing with a surge in support for the Originalist party. This group wants to defund first contact missions and divert resources to supporting the Federation's founding planets at the expense of its expansionary members. Shaw feels they'll need a superstar candidate like Kirk to win the coming election.

Kirk refuses and instead suggests that Shaw run for president. She agrees, but she still needs Kirk's help. The Originalists have a wild card candidate for president, and Shaw wants Kirk to feel him out. And so, Kirk and Mr. Scott set out for Andoria (one of those founding planets) with Bright Eyes, that Tholian they picked up on their voyage home. There they meet the originalists' presidential candidate: Harcourt Fenton "Harry" Mudd.

That should be a familiar name to fans of The Original Series, Star Trek: The Animated Series, or Star Trek: Discovery. He's been a thorn in Starfleet's side, and Kirk's in particular, for a long time. Now he's the shady businessman running for president on behalf of a xenophobic political party. Oh, and Gary-Seven is back and wants a word with Mr. Mudd.


Readers will have to wait until the next issue to find out what happens. Star Trek: Year Five #15 is on sale now.

  • Star Trek: Year Five #15
  • APR200769
  • (W) Jody Houser (A) Silvia Califano (CA) Stephen Thompson
  • The final voyages of the U.S.S. Enterprise continue with the amazing crew of writer Jody Houser (Stranger Things, Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy) and artist Silvia Califano (The X-Files: Case Files)! With the Klingon threat behind them, the crew of the Enterprise begins their victory tour of the original planets of the Federation. But they'll soon discover that for all of the danger they faced on the five-year mission, the biggest threat of all may be something closer to home.
  • In Shops: Oct 28, 2020
  • SRP: $3.99