'Solo: A Star Wars Story' LEGO Reveals Why the Millennium Falcon Looks Different

Ever since fans finally got a look at the Millennium Falcon as it will appear in the upcoming Star Wars film, many were surprised at the change in appearance — though it comes with a good reason.

The pristine care Lando Calrissian keeps the ship in is but one cosmetic change in Solo: A Star Wars Story, but there's one major alteration that sticks out more; the elongated point, absent of the iconic forked mandibles fans are accustomed to.

Well an up close look at the LEGO Millennium Falcon Kessel Run set from the new Star Wars line reveals what some have already theorized about the ship — the fork is used as a cargo bay, holding a small pod that can be removed from the set.

Justin LaSalata of JediNews.co.uk recently posted some photos from New York Toy Fair, where the play functions of the new Millennium Falcon were shown off for attendees. Check them out below:

In the photos, you can see how the central cargo hold slides in and out, but it might not just be a storage area. There appears to be a set of controls, and the back part that snaps in also appears to have engine jets as evidenced by the translucent blue bricks. So it appears that it's also a shuttle or escape pod of sorts, capable of being piloted separately from the Falcon.

Given the kind of care the smuggler puts into his ship in comparison to Lando Calrissian, we wouldn't be surprised if Han ends up losing this major component throughout the runtime of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Heck, he could even ditch it with hopes of improving his ability to make that infamous Kessel Run record.

Or maybe we'll see the instance which gets him on Jabba the Hutt's bad side, when he ditches some cargo rather than potentially getting caught by Imperial forces.

It will be interesting to see the Falcon in it's full glory. We knew that the mandibles were always meant to store cargo, but the ship never appeared as sleek as it does in the trailer and merchandise for Solo: A Star Wars Story. That cargo pod almost looks like a solid, smooth nose for the ship, much like it was originally designed by Ralph McQuarrie.

We'll see how the Falcon changes after it changes ownership in a fateful game of Sabacc when Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres in theaters on May 25th.

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