The Official 'Star Wars' Death Star Pet Bed is Fully Operational


Over the last week or so, you may have seen this officially licensed Star Wars Death Star pet bed / cave / den making the rounds on the Internet. However, it was only available in the UK and ran around $40 US - plus shipping costs in most cases. The good news is that Merchoid just got the Death Star pet bed in stock for only $27.99 with free shipping. Hard to beat that.

Just keep in mind that the Death Star pet bed is currently in pre-order mode and quantities are limited. You’ll want to grab it right away for the cats and Chihuahuas in your life that dream of ruling the galaxy. The only difference is that this Death Star doesn't use lasers (those are for chasing), but those claws and teeth are sharp! All you need now is a Darth Vader toy or costume from Petco.

The official description and list of features for the Death Star pet bed is as follows:

"Cat? Dog? Ewok? We’ve got you covered with our official Star Wars Death Star Pet Cave. With it’s dark(side) inner and incredibly detailed outer, it’s enough to fool any Jedi into thinking it’s the real deal. Gone are the days of the zebra print pet beds, only fit for the most Beverly Hills of Chihuahuas. It’s time to step aside for this battle station – the official Death Star Pet Cave."

• Pet bed shaped like the notorious Death Star.
• Super soft Velboa surface material.
• Removable cushion inside.
• Machine washable
• Waterproof internal fabric
• Non-slip base
• Weight: 1kg
• Dimensions: 36 x 42 x 37cm


Hopefully we’ll see a Wampa cave version sometime in the future. Preferably one with a plush Luke Skywalker hanging upside down from the ceiling for your cat to play with.

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