Mark Hamill Shares High School Throwback Photo Dressed as Snoopy

Mark Hamill is always sharing tons of content on Twitter. Earlier today, the actor best known for playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise posted a high school throwback photo from his early days of theatre.

“What was I thinking?! I'm not particularly proud of it, but as these shameful high school yearbook pictures prove: As Snoopy in a production of "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown"- I once appeared in dogface,” he joked.

The actor was referring to the recent controversy in which Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, was revealed to be wearing blackface in an old yearbook photo.

Some fans were quick to call out Hamill for making light of a serious situation.

“Mark, this post diminishes the seriousness of the blackface situation. White people are already struggling with why the Black community is upset, and this does not add any value to that conversation. Please don't make jest of the pain of the Black community. Delete this,” @reiofmars wrote.

“It is intended to point out the ignorance & shamefulness of blackface,” Hamill replied.

Hamill ended up sharing the response, and explained why he doesn't plan on deleting the tweet.

"It was meant to point out the ignorance of that shameful racist practice. I could delete it, but if it can be seen as a learning experience & generate a dialogue about it, I don't think I should. I realize I could be wrong, though," he wrote.

While today's tweet was controversial, the actor did make many fans happy yesterday when he posted that Star Wars isn't just a fandom for boys.


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Hamill can be seen next in Star Wars: Episode IX, which is expected to hit theaters on December 20th.