Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Video Offers Best Look Yet at New Attraction

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge finally opens at Disneyland this week, and the folks behind the expansion are providing more sneak peaks before the attraction’s official opening. Scott Trowbridge, the Portfolio Creative Executive for Walt Disney Imagineering, recently appeared in a new video posted by Disneyland Resort. Trowbridge explains the magic of Galaxy’s Edge, and shares what fans can expect of the park's additions.

“Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is, in a word, epic,” he explains. “It is the biggest single land expansion we have ever done in Disney parks history. This all new land completely immerses you in the world of Star Wars. It feels like you’ve just walked straight into a Star Wars movie with all the characters and all the action and the environment from the sounds and the sites, but for the first time, the smells and the taste. Everything that can help bring Star Wars to life, and help give you the most immersive and authentic Star Wars experience you can imagine.”

Trowbridge went on to talk about Black Spire Outpost, which is “home to a bustling marketplace, full of vendors showcasing wares from across the galaxy, including the Creature Stall, Black Spire Outfitters, the Toydarian Toymaker and Jewels of Bith,” according to Attractions Magazine.

“Black Spire Outpost is a remote trading port on the edge of wild space,” Trowbridge explains. “Back in the old sub-lightspeed days, it was a necessary stopping off point for fuel and provisions, but now that hyperspace has kind of left it in the dust a little bit, it’s become a haven for those who didn’t want to be in the mainstream: the smugglers, the bounty hunters. Those folks looking to crew up for some adventure into wild space, and it’s a great stepping off point for new Star Wars stories including your Star Wars adventure.”


Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is more than 14 acres, making it the “largest single-themed land in Disney Parks history.” The new attractions will be “packed with immersive storytelling that allows you to live your own Star Wars adventure.” Last week, the official Disney Parks Blog shared images of new guidemaps that will help guests navigate the expansive area.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Florida is opening on August 29th, but Disneyland’s version will be open for business on May 31st.

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