Darth Vader Makes His First Appearance In a Non-Star Wars Marvel Comic

Marvel Comics today celebrated its 80th anniversary with the release ofMarvel Comics #1000. The issue is mostly focused on the familiar faces of the Marvel Universe, but it takes a detour to a galaxy far, far away. The issue marks the first appearance of Darth Vader in a Marvel Comics title that isn’t a Star Wars comic.

Marvel Comics #1000 features a single-page story for each year of Marvel’s history, with each story inspired by a significant event in Marvel’s history from that year. The 1977 page is dedicated to Star Wars #1, the first-ever Star Wars comic book, which became the first Marvel comic book since the Golden Age to sell more than 1 million copies.

The story is written by former Darth Vader writer Charles Soule and drawn by Terry Dodson. It shows Rebel Alliance troops examining the wreckage of an X-Wing that flew into Vader, hoping to kill the Dark Lord of the Sith. They’re shocked and horrified to discover that Vader survived the impact.

Darth Vader Marvel 1000
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

ComicBook.com checked with Marvel Comics, who confirmed that this is Darth Vader’s first appearance in a Marvel publication that’s not a Star Wars comic. Does that mean the Star Wars universe and Marvel Universes are connected? It does say “80 years, ONE universe” on the cover of Marvel Comics #1000, but we wouldn’t read too much into it. After all, the Marvel Universe is meant to take place now, while the Star Wars saga takes place “a long, long time ago.” Even if they are connected, it would hardly matter, but your head cannon may vary.

Marvel Published Star Wars comics through 1987. The rights to the film franchise later landed at Dark Horse Comics, where it remained until Disney, Marvel’s parent company, purchased Lucasfilm in 2012. In 2015, Marvel began publishing new Star Wars comics that were, for the first time, considered 100% canon with the Star Wars films.

What do you think of Darth Vader showing up inMarvel Comics #1000? Let us know in the comments. Marvel Comics #1000 is on sale now.

Marvel Comics #1000
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