Star Wars: The Mandalorian Sees the Bounty Hunter Get an Awesome Armor Upgrade

Over the course of the past two weeks, fans of Disney+'s The Mandalorian have been treated to three episodes, each as mysterious of the last. Throughout the journey, Pedro Pascal's titular character has bumped into exciting new characters like Baby Yoda and Kuiil (Nick Nolte) on Arvala-7. Now, in the show's latest episode, the bounty hunter got a pretty killer upgrade to his look. Full spoilers for the third episode, "The Sin," of The Mandalorian follow.

After the events of "Chapter Two," The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) packs up Baby Yoda on his spaceship — the Razor Crest — and heads back to the home planet of the Bounty Hunters' Guild and The Client (Werner Herzog). Despite his initial apprehension, Pascal's character hands over Baby Yoda and is rewarded handsomely with a whole lot of beskar metal.

As a Mandalorian might, the bounty hunter soon returned to the Mandalorian enclave and turned the metal into some all-new duds, finishing out his look with a new chest plate and shoulder plate, to match the other he received earlier in the season. In fact, his haul from The Client included enough beskar to upgrade every piece of plating on his ensemble and have a few pieces leftover. With the leftovers, he chose a weapon called Whistling Birds, something that shoots out multiple projectiles at once.

Fans get to see the Whistling Birds in action after the character has an internal crisis and decides to go back and retrieve Baby Yoda. At the Empire remnant compound, The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda are surrounded by four Stormtroopers and he's able to quickly take them out with ease. As of now, his armor's without any color, simply appearing as newly-forged beskar. Either way, he has new armor, he's retrieved Baby Yoda from the bad guys, and he's now escaped the Bounty Hunters' Guild for greener pastures — at least, how one can hope.

The first three episodes of The Mandalorian are now streaming on Disney+. New episodes of the Star Wars show are made available every Friday. If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.


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