Adam Goldberg Is Up For A Fanboys Sequel

The world was almost simpler when Fanboys was released in 2009. In the comedy, a group of Star Wars obsessed friends bound together when they realize a member of their posse will die from cancer before Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace can be released in theaters. As a result they work together to break into the fabled Skywalker Ranch to see the movie early. At the time of its release, George Lucas still owned Lucasfilm, there were only six Star Wars movies, and it seemed like the saga was pretty much over on the big screen. Things are....different now, which has prompted the possible idea of a follow-up online.

In response to a parody account that tweeted "news" of a sequel, Fanboys co-writer Adam F. Goldberg (of The Goldbergs fame) revealed that he would actually be interested developing a follow-up on one condition. "If @erniecline is up for it, I sure am," Goldberg said, referencing his co-writer Ernest Cline who went on to pen the novel Ready Player One.

It's worth stating once again that the "news" of the sequel hails from a parody account, and does not reflect actual news of a sequel. The tweet in question joked that a sequel to Fanboys would " would follow the gang as they attempt to steal the forbidden #SnyderCut of 'JUSTICE LEAGUE' from Warner Bros."

In the thirteen years since Fanboys was released, a lot of major events have happened in Star Wars. Disney officially bought Lucasfilm in 2012 and began cranking out new movies in just three years, including Episode VII aka the $2 billion grossing Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Four more films have been released in that time as well, plus TV shows like the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the live-action The Mandalorian. Not to mention the various online outcries that have resulted from all of these new materials, as a result both Goldberg and Cline would have a lot of material to work with if they decided to pursue a sequel (and that's ignoring the original premise put forth in the parody tweet about the Snyder Cut).

Fanboys also included cameos from many former cast members of Star Wars with Billy Dee Williams, Ray Park, and the late Carrie Fisher all appearing. In addition, William Shatner also had a cameo as well as Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, and Kevin Smith. They filmmakers would likely choose to double down on cameos in a sequel too.


The major hurdle in getting a Fanboys sequel off the ground is wrangling the talent all back together again. Fanboys starred Jay Baruchel, Dan Fogler, and Kristen Bell, who have all gone on to much bigger careers than where they were in 2006 when the movie was originally shot. There's also the matter of the rights to the movie as it was originally released by The Weinstein Company, now broken up and its catalogue spread across multiple places after the fallout of Harvey Weinstein's multiple sex abuse scandals.

Would you want to see a Fanboys sequel? What do you think the group would be trying to steal if there was one? Sound off below!