Wonder Woman 1984 Fan Uses Pedro Pascal to Create Mashup With Star Wars: The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda

Most of the fervor around The Mandalorian has centered around Baby Yoda, but Pedro Pascal is [...]

Most of the fervor around The Mandalorian has centered around Baby Yoda, but Pedro Pascal is involved in a ton of projects right now. One fan took Wonder Woman 1984's version of the actor and gave him a Mando-flavored twist. Now, the Maxwell Lord poster has the Star Wars mask and Baby Yoda is on deck rocking Diana's tiara as well. It was quite a stir over this weekend when Warner Bros. dropped a trailer for the Wonder Woman sequel. New looks at both Lord's character and the heroine's cool eagle armor were huge points of discussion on various social media platforms. Fans just had to love this first extended look at the movie after wondering what the entire movie would look like in motion. But, in the end, it always seems to come back to Baby Yoda when scrolling through your timeline lately.

Jon Favreau had to have some kind of idea about what he was unleashing on the world with this character. The director clued fans in on what they could expect to learn about Baby Yoda as the season went on. A lot of fans were skeptical before spending time with the cute little alien that this entire thing felt like a very obvious ploy to sell merchandise.

"He's mostly a puppet," Jon Favreau said. "When it's CG, we try to make him obey the same physical laws that he would if he were a puppet. I think a lot of times CG makes itself too obvious where you don't create parameters creatively that allow the character to keep the same identity and charm."

"We'll learn more about him over the course of the season," he mentioned. "I think what's great about what George [Lucas] created is that Yoda proper, the character that we grew up watching, was always shrouded in mystery, and that was what made him so archetypal and so mythic. We know who he is based on his behavior and what he stands for, but we don't know a lot of details about where he comes from or his species. I think that's why people are so curious about this little one of the same species."

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