Star Wars Fans Claim to Confirm Anti-Luke Conspiracy Theory at Disney

Prior to the release of The Last Jedi, one of the biggest points of contention among Star Wars fans was the quality of the prequel films, yet the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney has raised a new bizarre theory about the saga: Disney has an anti-Luke Skywalker agenda. During a recent episode of the web series Rebels Recon, some fans believe they have confirmed that agenda based on the way one employee decorated their desk.

In the web series, host Andi Gutierrez offers a recap and insight into the recent episodes of the animated series Star Wars Rebels. The show often offers audiences glimpses of the studio's offices and its various decorations as it is filmed on location at Lucasfilm headquarters.

While walking past one desk, an image of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader from Return of the Jedi can be seen, with Luke's face having a big red "X" drawn across it. Some Twitter users believed this was confirmation of an official anti-Luke bias, which motivated the character's death in The Last Jedi.

Justin Bolger, a member of Lucasfilm's social media team, pointed out that it was his desk, as he has long been a fan of the Galactic Empire and opposed the fictional Rebel Alliance.

Many fans directed their anger at Gutierrez on social media, as she mentioned that employees are allowed to decorate their offices as they see fit, with one employee having a photo of Kylo Ren's head in the mouth of a toy dinosaur, which obviously doesn't confirm that a Star Wars/Jurassic Park crossover is in the works.

The events of The Last Jedi understandably angered some fans, as we learned that Luke Skywalker turned his back on the Force after his own ego led to him believing he could train Ben Solo, only for that plan to backfire and help send Ben to the Dark Side. While it's one thing to be upset with the movie, it's another to create a convoluted theory that claims Disney intentionally took steps to specifically enrage passionate Luke Skywalker fans, despite what these conspiracy theorists would like to believe.

You can see Luke's last adventures when The Last Jedi hits Digital HD on March 13th and on Blu-ray March 27th.


Do you think there's a massive conspiracy to anger Luke fans or are people overreacting? Let us know in the comments below!

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