Ewan McGregor Doesn't Have A Burning Need To Return To Star Wars

Because there are still rumors of an Obi-Wan Kenobi standalone film and an appearance in Episode VIII floating around, Ewan McGregor is always being asked — while he is doing press for other projects — about returning to Star Wars. Usually he says he is open to the possibility but cautions it by reminding people that nobody from Disney or LucasFilm have contacted him.

Based on this latest interview, the Scottish actor appears to have reached his breaking point on Star Wars questions. While still maintaining a courteous and friendly demeanor, McGregor makes it very clear that he wants people to move past the subject.

"Obviously, if you were playing Obi Wan Kenobi, you would feel you needed some closure," McGregor told Magic Radio, with a chuckle in his voice. "But I don't. I made three movies amongst 70 — or how many others — and that's what they were to me. They are three movies amongst a bunch of other ones. And I was very happy with them and I was very happy to have been in them. And I liked they were films children could watch for the first time in my career. Most of the films up until then, children wouldn't have been allowed to watch, or shouldn't have watched.

"So, that was interesting. And I was very happy to have been in them. That's where it ends for me. I don't have a burning need to do it again, or any sort of fascination for the movies that everyone else has. I don't really have that. Maybe it's because I've been in them and I've seen behind the curtain. Know what I mean? It doesn't have the same sort of... wonderment to me."



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