Luke Skywalker Cosplayer Made Dreams Come True As A Jedi Santa This Year

While the movie version of Luke was helping the resistance, a cosplay version was helping give Star Wars toys to some wonderful kids.

A cosplayer named Fluke Skywalker recently raised money on GoFundMe for a Ronald McDonald House toy drive, and yes, he is a bit of a dead ringer for Mark Hamill. The toy drive ended up collecting $425, which was $405.75 after GoFundMe's cut. Fluke took that to Five and Below to maximize the funds and bought a variety of action figures, art sets, play-doh, and more.

He chronicled the journey a series of photos, which show him delivering the gifts to children and their families while posing for pics in full Star Wars: The Last Jedi Skywalker gear. The families seemed to be truly appreciative and had some fun posing next to Fluke with their new toys.

Fluke Skywalker wants to thank the Imgurians and Redditors who donated $$$ to the toy drive for the Ronald McDonald House. Pix and details posted, as promised.

Fluke was also quite appreciative of all the money given to the toy drive that made all this possible. "Look at that pure joy! Do you remember the last time you were that happy? I'm so thankful for everyone who donated to help brighten their day," Fluke said.

He tried to adopt a Skywalker scowl for several of the pictures, but couldn't help but smile in most of them, especially with one young boy who just couldn't decide between two Star Wars action figures. "This little guy was so cool! He couldn't decide between the two toys, so I gave him both," Fluke said. "I hope you don't mind. Just look at that big smile!"

Yeah, pretty sure no one will mind.

You can see more images from Fluke's toy giving journey above.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in theaters now.

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