Mark Hamill Reveals Which Actors He Wished He Could’ve Shared the Screen with During Star Wars

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hit theaters last month and saw the return of many fan-favorite characters, including Luke Skywalker. Despite the character's death in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Mark Hamill was able to return to his iconic role as a Force Ghost in the new movie. During the sequel trilogy, Hamill wasn't given the opportunity to act alongside many of his old pals from the original trilogy or even many of the new cast members. Most of his scenes were with Daisy Ridley (Rey), and he got one nice moment with the late Carrie Fisher (Leia) in The Last Jedi before his big showdown with Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). Recently, a fan took to Twitter to ask Hamill who he wished he could have shared the screen with during any of the Star Wars films

“Hi Mark, is there any actor in Star Wars you would have liked to share a scene with but didn’t get the chance,” @modefever asked.

“From Peter Cushing on, every single one of them. Imagine the fantastic Sequel Trilogy actors & only working with two of them,” Hamill replied.

Cushing, of course, played Grand Moff Tarkin in the original film but never shared the screen with Hamill.

You can check out the actor’s tweet below:

It’s no surprise to hear Hamill say he wishes he would’ve gotten to spend more time with his fellow actors in the sequel trilogy. In fact, he’s been very open in the past about his disappointment in not getting to film any scenes in the new movies with Harrison Ford (Han Solo). In a previous interview with Den of Geek, the actor spoke about his feelings on the subject.

"I just thought, Luke’s never going to see his best friend again. You look at it in a self-centered way," he shared. "I said that it was a big mistake that those three people would never reunite in any way. I guess I was wrong, because nobody seems to care! I have to stipulate that I care, but it didn’t really seem to affect the larger audience. Luke, Han, and Leia will never be together again, and I’ll probably never get to work with Harrison [Ford] again,” he added.


Despite the mixed reviews, The Rise of Skywalker still managed to walk away with three Academy Award nominations this year. The movie is up for Best Original Score (John Williams), Best Sound Editing (Matthew Wood and David Acord), and Best Visual Effects (Roger Guyett, Neal Scanlan, Patrick Tubach and Dominic Tuohy).

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is now playing in theaters everywhere.