'Solo: A Star Wars Story' On Track for $150 Million Opening

With just five months passing between Star Wars films, it might seem like fans are starting to get tired of the galaxy far, far away. But despite the lack of buzz, it looks like the next spinoff movie is set for a strong opening weekend.

Early tracking for Solo: A Star Wars Story indicates that that the new movie is on track to make $150 million during when it premieres in theaters.

This might be surprising to some, especially considering all of the different factors that are in play for the premiere of the Han Solo spinoff.

First of all, this movie has suffered a ton of issues behind the scenes, most notably from the ousting of the original directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, followed by the extensive reshoots from the replacement Ron Howard.

While every other Star Wars movie has been delayed from their planned May release dates to a holiday premiere in December, Lucasfilm and Disney have stuck to their guns despite the extensive production. It appears to be down to the wire, but Howard has assured fans they will meet their planned date.

The production woes have led to a seemingly lack of buzz for the film, with the first trailers only debuting in February alongside a trailer-packed Super Bowl. Star Wars films normally dominate discussion because they are a spectacle in and of themselves, but Solo had to share with many other movies during the NFL Championship game.

There's also the fact that this late spring season is packed with highly anticipated movies, and Solo's positioning could hurt its theatrical gross. Disney did their part for moving Avengers: Infinity War up one week, now premiering on April 27th instead of May 4th. But Solo: A Star Wars Story will still have to contend with Deadpool 2.

After the mixed reception to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it seems like 20th Century Fox might be more confident in going up against one of cinema's biggest franchises. Deadpool 2 will release the week before Solo on May 18th, which could pull the rug under the Star Wars movie.

Disney and Pixar's long-awaited sequel to The Incredibles premieres four weeks later, as well, so if Solo does manage to get some momentum, it could be undercut when The Incredibles 2 finally hits theaters.

All of this, too, comes in the wake of The Last Jedi, and fans could be experiencing Star Wars fatigue.

That said, this is a Star Wars film, so don't be surprised if it manages to be a box office smash yet again.

Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres in theaters on May 25th.


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(h/t BoxOffice.com)