Seth Green Addresses the Fate of Scrapped Animated Series Star Wars Detours

Despite dozens of episodes of the animated Star Wars Detours being completed, creator Seth Green doubts they'll be released to the public anytime soon, based on Lucasfilm wanting to deliver audiences more dramatic stories than the irreverent parody series. With the galaxy far, far away rarely endorsing official parodies of the franchise, Detours was staged to be a complete departure from the animated offerings fans had grown accustomed to seeing, but the series was created in the year leading up to Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm, which coincided with the reveal that it would be creating new films for audiences both new and old alike.

"It’s still pretty status quo," Green confirmed with Collider of the lack of updates on the shelved series. "My understanding is that the Lucasfilm plan is rooted in new movies and expansive television for the Disney+ platform. And it doesn’t seem right now that they’re pursuing this kind of comedy. It’s a tough thing because the show was created before the sale to Disney, before the plan to make new movies, before the plan to develop a theme park environment, before the concept of a subscription streaming service that housed several offshoots, including an Obi-Wan show or a Mandalorian show. It’s like all of that came post us making these 40 episodes."

He added, "So I guess I really don’t know. I think there would have to be such a clear and vocal fan demand to make anybody want to shift their plan. Because right now it doesn’t seem like the company plan includes this kind of deconstructive comedy coexisting with these sincere interpretations of the characters."

The series was unveiled at Star Wars Celebration in 2012, only months ahead of the confirmation of the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney. At that point, it had been seven years since a new film in the series was released and there were no confirmed plans on the horizon to continue the live-action franchise. Understandably, were an audience's first exposure to be the parody series, younger viewers would be thrown off by the films' more serious tones.

What makes Green's comments especially interesting is that he cites that demand from fans could potentially see the series surface, even if that's just conjecture on his part. However, following the cancellation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars in 2014, fans have been clamoring to get an organic conclusion to the series, which they'll finally earn next year on Disney+. Perhaps if more people had been able to see more than the teaser that debuted at Celebration back in 2012, enough fans could show their support to see an official release of the completed episodes of Detours.


Stay tuned for details on the possible future of Star Wars Detours.

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