Star Wars: Mark Hamill Shares Support for Bullied Child Who Follows the "Jedi Way"

Every Star Wars fan knows Mark Hamill is a champion of the people. Whether he's having fun on [...]

Every Star Wars fan knows Mark Hamill is a champion of the people. Whether he's having fun on Twitter or taking part in extensive Q&As at comic conventions, the Star Wars actor is always a source of positivity for his fans.

And the man behind Luke Skywalker recognizes the influence his character and has on the culture. That's why he used his social media to encourage a young fan who was hospitalized after an encounter with bullies.

Ten-year-old Aiden Vazquez of California had to get stitches after he said he was harassed by bullies. Telling local affiliate news from ABC13 that he refused to fight back, he had a simple reason:

"I told my mom, I got it from Star Wars, that it's not the Jedi way," Vazquez said.

After the news made it's way to Hamill, the actor posted a touching response on Twitter:

Hamill, a self-described geek himself, is always supportive of his kindred spirits. Sticking up for Vazquez is a silver lining for this unfortunate circumstance.

The actor is currently hard at work on the set of Star Wars: Episode IX, which is somewhat surprising given the fate of his character in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But, when it comes to Star Wars and Force Ghosts, would you expect anything less?

Some fans worried that Luke Skywalker would not be showing up in the final installment after Hamill lamented the loss of the original gang in the last two movies during an interview with Games Radar.

"I'll never get to work with Harrison [Ford] again. Luke will never see Han again. That's what struck me, that was the first break, we lost a member of the band," Hamill said. "And then what happened with Luke [in The Last Jedi], I said 'Okay, that's the next link' when I was still thinking I'll come back as a Force ghost. And then to lose Carrie [Fisher] in real life, I said 'That's it'. They say you can never go home again, and that for me was the real indication that it's time to move on."

But the actor teased his involvement before the official cast list was released, joking on Twitter that director J.J. Abrams had added "an empty robe" to the movie.

Fans will get to see Luke go the way of his mentors Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda when Star Wars: Episode IX premieres in theaters in December 2019.