'Star Wars: Episode IX': Fan Creates Teaser Trailer for Title Release

Fans could have months ahead of them before we see an official teaser for Star Wars: Episode IX, with YouTube user John Calkins giving us his own take on a teaser to help tide us over. Check out his teaser above and check out the film when it lands in theaters this December.

The teaser opts for subtlety, merely counting down all of the episode numerals of the series towards Episode IX while using quotes from each respective film. The teaser reminds us of just how evocative the dialogue in each of those films are, while also reminding us how this upcoming film is set to tie the entire franchise, which launched more than 40 years ago, together.

The above teaser might help build excitement about the conclusion of the Skywalker Saga, but there's no telling when we will get official information about the anticipated film. The title of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as well as its teaser, debuted 13 months before it landed in theaters, with Star Wars: The Last Jedi announcing its title 11 months before its release and debuting its trailer eight months before its release. These timelines could mean that we'll learn the title of the film imminently, yet Lucasfilm has failed to offer any updates on when that information could be revealed.

As far as an actual teaser is concerned, fans will likely be waiting until April for Star Wars Celebration to kick off, an event where the studio typically unveils footage of upcoming projects. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story debuted a behind-the-scenes reel of footage at the event ahead of its release, while the teaser for The Last Jedi debuted in April at the event ahead of its release. Other than the release of Captain Marvel in a month, there are no major events on the horizon that would mark good opportunities for Disney to debut the teaser, making Star Wars Celebration the most likely reveal.

While we do know a majority of the cast involved, there has been little else revealed about the upcoming film. A release on StarWars.com that production had kicked off last summer reminded us that it would be the conclusion of the Skywalker Saga, with the protective measures and secrecy surrounding the project causing endless amounts of speculation from fans.

Stay tuned for details about Star Wars: Episode IX before it lands in theaters in December.

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