Star Wars: Frank Oz, the Voice of Yoda, Has Joined Twitter

With all the various types of social media with large amounts of users, some feel like they adopt the mediums too late in the game, but that hasn't stopped Frank Oz, the voice and puppetry master behind Yoda, from joining Twitter. The account isn't verified yet nor is it following any other accounts, but a photo posted from the account on the way to the premiere of The Last Jedi seemingly confirms the account's validity. You can see what the performer is up to by following @TheFrankOzJam.

frank oz twitter the last jedi
(Photo: Twitter, TheFrankOzJam)

The account might not have a profile picture, but Last Jedi writer/director Rian Johnson follows it, adding legitimacy to the account.

The actor has been at the center of many conversations surrounding Star Wars in recent weeks, with the creation of his Twitter account potentially adding fuel to those fires.

***WARNING: Possibly spoilers below for The Last Jedi***

Last week, lighting company Digital Sputnik took to their Facebook page to share the trailer for Mary Magdalene, a film for which they created equipment. In the post, the company also pointed out that they had created lights to illuminate both Jesus and Yoda, seemingly revealing that Yoda would appear in the new Star Wars film after not having been seen since Revenge of the Sith in 2005.

The company deleted the post later that day, possibly aware of what they were hinting at.

At this past weekend's Last Jedi premiere, the official Star Wars Twitter account shared a photo of Oz, as he was one of many celebrities in attendance for the event. Fans didn't read too much into the tweet until Mark Hamill called attention to it the following day.

star wars the last jedi mark hamill frank oz yoda
(Photo: Twitter/HamillHimself)

Hamill is quite active on the social media platform, both teasing fans by sharing inaccurate plot details and sometimes confirming real ones. With Hamill singling out this tweet amongst the many photos the Star Wars account posted, in addition to the hint from Digital Sputnik, Hamill all but confirmed Yoda would have an appearance in The Last Jedi.

Even were Yoda to appear in the upcoming Star Wars film, the relevance and context of that appearance is up for debate.


Audiences will see the next chapter in the Star Wars saga when The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.

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