Star Wars: The Darksaber Arrives at Galaxy's Edge

The Darksaber, a unique lightsaber in the Star Wars universe, has arrived at Star Wars: Galaxy's [...]

The Darksaber, a unique lightsaber in the Star Wars universe, has arrived at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Without warning, this new addition to the Legacy line of collectible lightsabers went on sale at Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge park in Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities. The lightsaber carries a $199 price tag, where most other releases in the line go for $139 (Hasbro's high end Darksaber replica is available for $249.99). The collectible is made mostly of plastic according to Walt Disney World News Today, who was lucky enough to get their hands on one of the Darksabers, which will almost certainly soon be sold out. Based on the Darksaber design seen in The Mandalorian, the model Darksaber's blade has a long black stripe in the center and light-up edges.

The Darksaber, a special weapon created by the first Mandalorian Jedi, was introduced to the Star Wars mythology in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. During an episode of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, producer Dave Filoni discussed how they approached the challenge of adapted an animated item into live-action.

"That's something that we have to experience. When we do take things that came from The Clone Wars, we have to think, in that show, they are stylized, and that was like an animated style of something from live-action," Filoni said. "It's not about doing any of those things one-to-one, but it's about saying, 'That's based on something.'"

The Darksaber was created in ancient times by Tarre Viszla, the first Mandalorian to become a Jedi. The Darksaber rested in the Jedi Temple after Tarre's death until his descendants took it from Coruscant during the Fall of the Old Republic. Clan Viszla held onto the Darksaber for generations, until Pre Viszla wielded it to lead the Deathwatch during the Mandalorian Civil War.

Darth Maul took control of the weapon when he took control of the planet Mandalore. During the early days of the Rebellion against the Empire, Sabine Wren, the Mandalorian member of the Ghost crew, retrieved the Darksaber from Dathomir. She used it to lead Mandalorians in freeing their planet from the Imperial occupation. Later, the Empire purged Mandalore, and the Darksaber ended up in the hands of Moff Gideon, as seen in The Mandalorian.

At the end of The Mandalorian's second season, Mandalorian leader Bo-Katan Kyrze took the Darksaber back from Gideon in the hopes that it would help her reunite the Mandalorian tribes to retake the planet Mandalore. What comes next remains to be seen, perhaps in the upcoming third season of The Mandalorian.

The Galaxy's Edge Darksaber wasn't available at shopDisney at the time of writing, but if it does go up for sale online in the future, you should be able to find it here.

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