Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Trading Outpost: Disney Imagineer Reveals New Target Collaboration Details

One Disney Imagineer has revealed some new details about the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Trading Outpost line at Target. The collaboration was born both out of necessity amidst the coronavirus pandemic and fan demand for easier access to Star Wars merchandise outside of the parks. We’ve seen so much strange material make it’s way into the larger world after both Disney World and Disneyland shutdown. Scott Trowbridge told D23 about the company’s plan to bring some of that magic home to the fans. In addition, the Imagineer also discussed some of the items he’s looking forward to most when the collaboration hits stores later this year.

“Aside from that amazing immersive experience you can have in the parks, there is a limit to what we present to you, but through all these other mediums, we can extend the world of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and we can extend Star Wars storytelling in some really cool ways,” Trowbridge began.

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He added, “One that I’m really excited about is something that we’ve already announced called Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, which is a new VR experience created in partnership with ILMxLAB and Oculus that is going to drop you into VR and put you in the Black Spire Outpost you know and love, but introduce you to new parts of it you’ve never seen before, introduce you to new parts of its history that you haven’t experienced yet, and introduce you to some new really, really fun characters that you haven’t yet met, brought to life by some amazing talent. That is an experience that I’m very, very excited about.”

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“One of my favorite things to do over the holidays, when it can be a little colder and you have a little bit of family time and down time, is to snuggle up with one of these books… We also have an amazing cookbook: The official Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook… filled with recipes from the edge of the galaxy with ingredients that you can get here on Earth,” Trowbridge exclaimed. “Another thing that I might recommend as you’re hanging out with friends and family and maybe even snuggling up to a warm fire is another only-at-Target offering, our Chewbacca hooded blanket. It’s warm, it’s snug, it’s huggable—just like Chewbacca himself.”

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