'Star Wars Battlefront II' Reveals How Luke Skywalker Found Ahch-To

Star Wars fans finally get the chance to witness the rise of the First Order, and even take part [...]

Star Wars fans finally get the chance to witness the rise of the First Order, and even take part in it, when Star Wars Battlefront II releases this Friday. But they'll also see some huge moments setting up the future of the Skywalker saga.

The new game bolsters a campaign placing players in the boots of the Inferno Squad, an elite group of Stormtroopers who witness the demise of Emperor and have to plan their next move. The death of the Imperial dictator sets of a chain of events building toward Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and even reveals what Luke Skywalker did after the events of Return of the Jedi.

Warning: Spoilers for Star Wars Battlefront II campaign below.

When the Emperor initiates Operation: Cinder, the Inferno Squad completes a series of missions with a "scorched earth" purpose, intending to spread fear throughout the galaxy and destroy hope in the Rebellion.

One mission sends Inferno agent Del Meeko to the world of Pillio, a planet without sentient lifeforms but covered in resin-producing bugs that are hostile to invaders. The Emperor has a secret vault of various artifacts that he wants destroyed in the wake of his death, and Inferno Squad is sent to deal with it.

But Luke Skywalker is also searching for the Emperor's vault, with the Force having drawn his presence there for a mysterious purpose. After falling into a cavern with no easy way out, Luke encounters Del and rescues him from being eaten by bugs. The two decide to work together, knowing they must set aside their differences in order to survive.

When they find the vault, Del is unable to open it because there are no controls. But Luke understands it is meant to be opened using the Force, which surprises Del to learn that Palpatine was secretly a Sith Lord.

Del cannot find any "dangerous" objects, as he was warned, inside the vault but instead sees a bunch of valuable and priceless objects that the Emperor has acquired over the years. But Luke is drawn to one specific object; a compass with a star map on it that looks similar to the same star map used to find the Jedi Master on Ahch-To in The Force Awakens.

While it doesn't spell it out specifically, the implications is strong. Luke pillaged the Emperor's relics to discover the ancient Jedi planet of Ahch-To, making the events of Battlefront II's campaign integral to the new Star Wars trilogy.

The events are even expanded on to greater length in the epilogue featuring Kylo Ren, but that's another story…

Star Wars Battlefront II releases November 17 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.