This Star Wars Fan Theory Claims Luke Created Snoke

Star Wars: The Last Jedi threw fans several big twists they weren't expecting, with one of the biggest being the mystery of Supreme Leader Snoke. Alas, we get no answers about Snoke's identity and origin in The Last Jedi, but that hasn't stopped fans from continuing to pitch their own Snoke theories.

Over on Reddit there's one Snoke fan theory that seems to be gaining attention - a theory that claims it was none other than Luke Skywalker who created the Supreme Leader in the first place.

Has Luke created Snoke ? from starwarsspeculation

As you can see above, the theory doesn't go for the usual explanation of how events played out - instead, it looks at the logic that's already been established by the Sequel Trilogy, and works back logically to arrive at a theory that does, in fact, make sense.

The Force must always be balanced, and indeed it remains unclear how we got from a place of unbalanced Force the end of Return of the Jedi (with Luke as the only Jedi left); to the return to balance in the era between Episode VI and VII (with Snoke rising to power as the "dark" to Luke's "light"); to the era we're now in, where Snoke and Kylo's dark side power held prominence, causing Rey's power to awaken as a counter-balance.

As the Reddit user points out, the story of Snoke's dark side power awakening, how he and Luke became aware of one another, and how Snoke got to Ben Solo and turned him before Luke sensed it, definitely needs to be told at some point. What format that story gets presented in is up for debate; while some would like to see a series of canonized novels or comics dealing with the deeper character arcs of that storyline, it would also be exciting as, say, a Kylo Ren standalone movie.

star wars luke skywalker snoke

Right now, it seems to be the general strategy of the Star Was franchise to present lasting mysteries and vague backstories in each new film, to be possibly serve as a later spinoff tale. It's worked for films like Rogue One and other popular canon tie-ins, so hopefully it will work for fans hoping for this Luke/Snoke story, as well.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now in theaters.