'Star Wars' Mark Hamill Reveals the Really Bad Advice He Gave to Arnold Schwarzenegger

It sounds like the Force isn't always with Mark Hamill when it comes to giving advice. The Star [...]

It sounds like the Force isn't always with Mark Hamill when it comes to giving advice. The Star Wars actor revealed Saturday that he once gave Arnold Schwarzenegger not one, but two pieces of really bad advice.

On Twitter, a fan told Hamill she wished she had a "What Would Mark Hamill Say?" t-shirt and it prompted the Luke Skywalker actor to reveal that maybe relying on his words of wisdom might not be the best idea.

"Arnold Schwarzenegger asked me for advice when he was just starting out," Hamill wrote. "I told him to lose his accent for a wider range of roles and to change his last name since no one could pronounces it. He did the opposite and became one of the biggest stars EVER. #TrueStory"

Hamill's not wrong about Schwarzenegger's success. The actor and former California governor has appeared in numerous films representing a wide range of genre's, from science-fiction action thriller films like The Terminator all the way through to comedies like Kindergarten Cop. And Schwarzenegger has no hard feelings about Hamill's poor advice. He replied to Hamill on Twitter, letting him know that the advice was correct under "normal circumstances" and he just happened to be a rule-breaker. But Hamill still felt he owed an apology.

"It wasn't until years later that I realized it was a missed opportunity for me to ask YOU for advice," Hamill wrote. "My belated apologies."

Bad and unheeded advice aside, both actors continue to do well for themselves. Schwarzenegger is currently working on the sixth Terminator film, posting a photo of himself in the gym with Gabriel Luna, helping him get into shape for his role as a new, more modern Terminator in the film. Hamill, on the other hand, is set to return for Star Wars: Episode IX. That film entered production earlier this month.

Of course, Episode IX gave Hamill an opportunity to embrace another aspect of his presence on Twitter: teasing fans about details of the Star Wars universe. A recent post combined that with the actor's tendency to poke fun at Donald Trump by joking that Trump's "Space Force" was not the leaked title of the upcoming film.

"For those of you worried that SPACE FORCE is the leaked title of #EpIX... Relax! Turns out it's just lie #3253," Hamill wrote, promising, "#9WillBeFineAllInGoodTime."

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