Star Wars: Mark Hamill Has Hilarious Reaction to Viral Lobsterwoman Photo

Last week, a Maine lobsterwoman became an internet fave for a day when she was profiled in the [...]

Last week, a Maine lobsterwoman became an internet fave for a day when she was profiled in the Boston Globe. At 101, Virginia Oliver still works on a 30-foot lobster boat with her son, and the newspaper's top photo featured her tossing a lobster back into the ocean. That image quickly went viral, and eventually, writer Gary LeGum joked on Twitter that Oliver was not throwing it back, but instead using her mind to summon the lobster out of the water and onto the boat. Needless to say, many of the replies came back with jokes about using the Force.

And eventually those got back to Mark Hamill. The Star Wars star was as tickled as anyone else by the idea, and gave the joke his seal of approval.

You can see Hamill's tweet below.

"When I first started, there weren't any women but me," Oliver told the Globe. "My husband and I used to go out in all kinds of weather. There aren't as many lobsters today, though. They're way overfished, like everything else."

Needless to say, fans have been tickled by seeing Hamill buy into the gag, and the reaction has been just as silly as you think. Don't be too surprised if you start to see some pretty fun fan art coming out of the whole thing.

Hamill last appeared as Luke Skywalker in the season finale to The Mandalorian, and it's expected that the character will recur again in the upcoming third season.

"Over the holidays — this would've been December 2019 — Jon and I drove up together to Mark's house," season 2 finale director Peyton Reed recently told Syfy Wire. "We brought the script and we brought Luke Skywalker's wardrobe and we brought Grogu with us. Mark was so gracious. We came in, Jon and I sat with Mark's wife as he was in his office reading the script in real time. So, we were on pins and needles because it wasn't necessarily a given that he was gonna be interested. I think he's very protective of this character, and rightfully so. He came out and he was thrilled — and I think a huge weight was lifted off of Jon's shoulders when that happened."