Star Wars: The Bad Batch Further Hints At Omega's Abilities - And Why She May Become A Threat

Star Wars: The Bad Batch has introduced Omega, a young female clone with enhanced abilities. Omega [...]

Star Wars: The Bad Batch has introduced Omega, a young female clone with enhanced abilities. Omega went on the run with Clone Force 99 after Order 66 and the rise of the Empire, and during the series, we've been getting more and more glimpses of why Omega is such a crucial MacGuffin. (Spoilers follow!) In the last episode of The Bad Batch, we got the reveal that Omega is, in fact, the "daughter" of Jango Fett, i.e., an unaltered clone created from his DNA (like her "brother" Boba Fett). In The Bad Batch episode 10, we get hints of just how talented Omega is - and why she could one day pose a major threat in the Star Wars Universe.

In "Common Ground" Omega gets sidelined with Cid, as the rest of Clone Force 99 takes on a dangerous mission on Raxus, the former Separatist capital during the Clone Wars. Omega is not at all happy that she's still not being fully included and valued as a member of the team - and worse, being treated like a liability because of all the bounty hunters on her tail. However, shady Cid notices something unique about Omega: she's a prodigy at the game of dejarik and easily trounces the various lowlifes who frequent Cid's establishment.

When Cid questions Omega about her level of game, Omega matter-of-factly informs her that dejarik is a strategy game 'And I'm good with strategy.' Cid sees the angle that Clone Force 99 doesn't, and puts Omega to good use, hustling an entire line of dejarik players and collecting a hefty bonus in bets, along the way. Omega does so well that she even manages to pay off Clone Force 99's debt to Cid, ostensibly freeing them up indentured mercenary service.

Everything ends on a happy note as Hunter and the rest of Clone Force pledge to keep Omega in their ranks from then on (their bumbled mission also repeatedly called for her talents). However, like so many Star Wars character tales, there could be something darker building here...

Star Wars Omega Powers Abilities Strategy Bad Batch 10 Spoilers
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The purpose of Omega's introduction into Star Wars canon is still unclear. The girl is made of Jango Fett, and her enhancements make her a master strategist - not just in games and battle, but reading and intuiting the thoughts and would-be actions of others. Aside from that impressive that genetic foundation and biological enhancement, Omega is getting life-or-death training in military battle, bounty hunting, battle tactics and all other sorts of hard-knock experience while she's on the run with Clone Force 99.

The question is: where does this all lead? Who does Omega become down the line - provided she survives? Omega's mythology is now directly connected to Boba Fett and Fennec Shand, as the latter was the bounty hunter hired to retrieve and protect Omega by her creator, Nala Se.

Those are timely connections since Star Wars will debut its Book of Boba Fett event series - starring Boba Fett and Fennec Shand - later this year. From what we're witnessing in The Bad Batch, it would be kind of exciting to see Boba Fett have to face a grown-up and experienced Omega (probably going by a new name) in The Book of Boba Fett. Boba's sister is just about the only person in the galaxy more badass than he is; Omega would likely be the biggest threat to Boba's plan to take over the Star Wars Underworld in Jabba the Hutt's absence - if her dejarik game is any indication.

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