'Star Wars: Poe Dameron' Comic Ending This Fall

Debuting in 2016, Star Wars: Poe Dameron has been one of Marvel's most successful Star Wars titles, thanks to writer Charles Soule and artists Phil Noto and Angel Unzueta. Sadly, the series will be coming to an end, as revealed in Marvel's solicitations for September. The final issue will be #31, released on September 26th.

The issue is described, "In this final chapter of the Poe Dameron series, we see what may be Black Squadron's last mission, as they desperately attempt to find allies for General Leia Organa's decimated Resistance. It's been one heck of a ride, but all stories must come to an end."

After fans discovered that this would be the series' final issue, many took to Twitter to ask for more details from Soule.

"Yeah, it's ending. There's a weird conflation between 'cancelled' and 'ending' - they aren't the same thing. Sometimes it's for sales, sometimes it's story, sometimes other things. This is about the story ending in a nice, tidy place based on everything else happening in SW," the writer clarified when asked if the series would come to a natural conclusion.

From the sound of it, the pilot's journey is far from over, though the creative team, Marvel, and Lucasfilm found it to be a good point to conclude the series.

Soule is also currently writing a Darth Vader series and teased more great Star Wars titles coming from Marvel in the future.

"I love it too, but Poe's concluding at the right time. Lots of great Star Wars stuff coming down the pipe, though. Never fear," Soule professed.

What makes the news even more disappointed is that, of all of the current Star Wars titles Marvel publishes, Poe Dameron was arguably the most consistently entertaining. As Soule has written the series since its inception, audiences have regularly seen a consistent tone being represented throughout. Similarly, the artistic teams have been relatively consistent, with Noto and Unzueta's art both complementing the fast-paced action of the series.

Throughout its run, Poe Dameron has offered compelling stories from various points in time. Initially, the series helped offer some insight into a character who was introduced in The Force Awakens, yet only played a pivotal role in the film's opening and closing missions.

The series also helped fill in the gaps of what took place between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, as well as began to depict the events that immediately followed the most recent film.

Poe Dameron #31 hits shelves on September 26th.


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