Lucasfilm Job Posting Hints at New Star Wars Animated Series

The fourth season of Star Wars Rebels will return to airwaves in a few short weeks, with the [...]

The fourth season of Star Wars Rebels will return to airwaves in a few short weeks, with the series airing its final episodes and showcasing the fate of the Ghost crew. Star Wars fans might be disappointed for the series to conclude, but a recent job listing hints at Lucasfilm already getting to work on a new animated project.

The listing doesn't detail anything about what the project is, but the description does point out the "creators of the Emmy award-winning animation series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the highly successful animation series Star Wars Rebels are looking for a versatile Production Coordinator to join their production team." Mentioning the two previous animated series hints at the project being a serialized production, and, with Rebels concluding, we can only assume this is a new project for Disney XD.

Additionally, the job lists one of the responsibilities being "ensuring that each of their episodes are completed on time and successfully meet the quality standards of the Supervising Director."

Lucasfilm also releases the animated Forces of Destiny series, but with these segments being only a few minutes each, we wouldn't think they would be referred to as "episodes." LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, however, features 22-minute episodes, with this listing possibly hinting at that animation team requiring more staff.

Rebels marked the first animated Star Wars series following Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm. This allowed the series to have a more reliable future, as it aired on a Disney-branded channel, whereas Star Wars: The Clone Wars ended unceremoniously.

Last fall, Rebels and Clone Wars executive producer Dave Filoni revealed the moment in the most recent series he was most proud of.

"I think that the Malachor episodes where Ahsoka confronts Vader was a big moment for me as a storyteller, because it was something I thought about for a long time and theorizing how it's going to go is one thing; actually having to make it concrete and put it on film is another, because that's how it is," Filoni revealed.

While those sequences might have been impressive, Filoni hinted that the series' best moments might still be yet to come.

"I do think in some ways that the best work that I've been able to create with the team of people here, is yet to come in this season four," Filoni pointed out. "You get a crew working season to season and they just all know everything better. The more they do it, the better they get and each season should be better than the last. My hope is that this season will represent the best work we did and bring it to its rightful conclusion."

Tune in to the return of Star Wars Rebels on Monday, February 19 at 9:00 PM ET on Disney XD.

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