Everything About These 'Star Wars' Screenplay Totes Is Awesome

You can never have to many bags - at least that’s what you’ll keep telling yourself after you [...]

You can never have to many bags - at least that's what you'll keep telling yourself after you check out these Star Wars screenplay totes from Loungefly.

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(Photo: BoxLunch)

The collection includes three canvas tote bags, and the design of each bag focuses on a specific scene from A New Hope. The Luke and Leia tote features screenplay elements from the rescue scene. The Han Solo and Chewbacca tote features screenwriting from the hallway scene, and the Darth Vader and Stormtroopers tote features Vader's first choking scene. Memories! Plus, the bags are plenty big enough to carry around your books, gadgets, and secret plans.

The bags are available to order at BoxLunch, and they are 20-percent off for a limited time. You'll get free shipping on purchases over $75, so you might want to check out the other Star Wars-themed goodies they have in stock. There's a lot more where these totes came from.