'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Blu-ray Release Date Possibly Confirmed

After less than two months of release, fans are already looking ahead to the home video release of Solo: A Star Wars Story and its Blu-ray that will likely be packed with special features. While we have to wait for an official announcement, one source claims that we could expect the disc's arrival on September 25th.

Over at Digital Bits, a reported retail source confirmed that release date, though no other details about the release were revealed. With this being four months to the date of Solo's release, this timeframe would fall in line with previous Star Wars releases.

After three massive success with The Force Awakens, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and The Last Jedi, Solo has seemingly served Disney their first stumbling block after their purchase of Lucasfilm. While the film was received relatively positively by critics and audiences alike, Solo has earned $211 million domestically and nearly $380 million worldwide, totals which its predecessors scored within two weeks of their openings.

While Solo is far from a flop, these numbers fall far short of other chapters in the saga, a fact made all the more frustrating due to numerous variables all preventing the intergalactic adventure from reaching its full potential.

Arguably the biggest stumbling block for the film was that, from the project's inception, few fans seemed genuinely excited by the prospect. The Star Wars saga has given audiences countless colorful characters, yet few were as intrinsically linked to one performer as Harrison Ford was to Han Solo, putting immense pressure on any actor willing to adopt the role.

Once the project officially moved forward, Lucasfilm and original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller parted ways over reported shooting styles, which came as a disappointment to fans of the duo. While many fans were excited to see Ron Howard join the project, Solo gained a stigma that there were countless production woes.

Lucasfilm found success for three consecutive years with its December release strategy, though for Solo, it reverted to the scheduling strategy of the first six films, which all enjoyed summer debuts. This meant that Solo not only had to compete with highly-anticipated blockbusters like Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2, but that fans had just seen a Star Wars movie six months prior, cutting the anticipation for the film nearly in half.

With its theatrical run soon behind it, time will tell how Solo: A Star Wars Story stacks up to the rest of the Star Wars saga.


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