'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Novelization Trailer Offers Look at Deleted Scene

Hitting shelves next week is the expanded edition of the Solo: A Star Wars Story novelization, [...]

Hitting shelves next week is the expanded edition of the Solo: A Star Wars Story novelization, which will include scenes that didn't make their way into the film, as well as longer versions of scenes that did end up in the movie. In a trailer for the novel, fans can get our first look at a deleted scene that could end up on the home video release, featuring Han Solo and Qi'ra attempting to escape Proxima Midnight's gang. Check out the footage above and grab the novel on September 4th.

While a version of this scene made its way into the final film, the sequence featuring the duo attempting to hide in a metallic container filled with liquid wasn't seen in the theatrical release, with the scene likely shortened to speed up the pacing of the thrilling opening scene.

This is only one of the additional scenes fans have learned about so far, with other scenes from the novel connecting to multiple corners of the galaxy far, far away. One of these scenes included a run-in with Star Wars comic book characters Tag and Bink.

The scene takes place after Han enlists in the Imperial Academy and is forced to confront his superiors, with Tag and Bink appearing in the scene. The novelization confirmed Han's history with the duo, reading, "Once upon a time, Han had attempted to befriend them, but they turned out to be such colossal screwups, Han started to avoid them before they got him or themselves killed. Still, he needed all the friends he could get. He gave them a little wave and a grin. They looked back at him wryly and said nothing."

The duo was relegated to the Legends corner of the Star Wars universe, with news of their inclusion exciting audiences. Another scene included in the novel offered connections to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

In excerpts from the novel shared on StarWars.com, we learn about Enfys Nest's meeting with the burgeoning Rebel Alliance, which included an encounter with Gerrera and his young ward. The scene takes place late in the narrative, after Enfys has revealed herself to Solo, Beckett, and Qi'ra, with all of them taken aback by how young Enfys appeared. At the time, Jyn was only 11 years old, with Gerrera detailing the importance of devoting oneself to a cause from an early age.

Fans can grab their copy of the expanded edition of the Solo: A Star Wars Story novelization when it hits shelves on September 4th. The book is available to pre-order now.

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