Star Wars: Vintage Footage of Sound Designer Creating Millennium Falcon Effects Goes Viral

Whether it be the hum of a lightsaber, Chewbacca's growl, or a blaster being fired, the Star Wars [...]

Whether it be the hum of a lightsaber, Chewbacca's growl, or a blaster being fired, the Star Wars saga is full of countless iconic and instantly recognizable sound effects. Many of these effects were created by sound designer Ben Burtt, who walked a camera crew through the process of creating the sound of the Millennium Falcon malfunctioning in the interview below.

Given the advances in technology which gives filmmakers instant access to countless sound effects, the vintage interview shared by one user on Twitter quickly caught steam, gaining thousands of likes and retweets. Fans chimed in to express their admiration for the sound designer, not only for his professional accomplishments, but also to comment on his attitude about the process and how easy he makes it all look.

To celebrate the accomplishments of the saga's sound effects, specifically those of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, ABC News debuted a feature-length documentary about the sound design process last year, The Force of Sound. Additionally, multiple members of that film's sound design team were interviewed about their inspiration for the film's new effects.

One of the new sounds that had to be created was the squawks made by the porgs, the residents of Ahch-To. Sound designer Ren Klyce confirmed that it required the sounds of chickens and doves to convey the animals' attitude.

"That was one of the first sounds we were assigned to do," Klyce told D23. "[Writer/director] Rian [Johnson] gave us a bunch of adjectives as to what he didn't want it to be. He didn't want them to sound screechy, or irritating, or squawky. It was a matter of experimenting through four or five versions of the sound."

Luckily, the sound designer didn't have to travel far to snag the sounds necessary.

"At Skywalker Sound there's a chicken coop with these little chickens, and Coya Elliott, our first assistant, went down and recorded those chickens," Klyce shared. "And then we took that sound and slowed it down and stretched it out and found little chirps."

The next film in the saga, Star Wars: Episode IX, hits theaters this December.

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