New Star Wars Disney+ Series Debuts With Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Score

The latest Star Wars series to debut on Disney+ has a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. Tales of the Jedi, the new series of animated shorts spotlighting Ahsoka Tano, Count Dooku, and other Jedi during the waning days of the Republic, debuted this week and has a 100% fresh rating on the review aggregation website. However, it has not achieved the number of reviews necessary to claim the "Certified Fresh" emblem. There's been much debate over the utility of Rotten Tomatoes scores lately and the disparity between critic ratings and audience scores. There's no debate here. Tales of the Jedi also has a near-perfect 95% positive audience score from more than 300 user ratings, continuing Star Wars' trend of critically-acclaimed and crowd-pleasing animated shows.

The "Critics Consensus" for the new series on Rotten Tomatoes praises its depth and accessibility. It reads, "Under the reliable stewardship of Dave Filoni, Tales of the Jedi is an absorbing expansion of Star Wars lore that will delight Padawan-level fans and encyclopedic Force scholars alike."

Tales of the Jedi includes six animated shorts. The series splits its focus evenly between Ahsoka and Dooku, each being the focus for three episodes. Ahsoka's episodes chronicle her birth, training, and choices after Order 66, while the Dooku episodes follow his fall to the Dark Side of the Force. awarded Tales of the Jedi a 4-out-of-5 review score. The review reads, "These six Tales of the Jedi are beautiful, moving, and deceptively layered for their brevity while packing a few surprises and jaw-dropping moments along the way. Lucasfilm Animation managed to squeeze a lot of Star Wars magic into these shorts, and viewers will only be disappointed that there aren't more of them."

In addition to great storytelling, Tales of the Jedi packed several major Star Wars revelations illuminating previously unseen moments in the history of the Republic's fall. Here's everything you need to know about the series.

Tales of the Jedi is streaming now on Disney+. For those craving more Star Wars animation, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 1 are also streaming on Disney+. Star Wars: The Bad Batch returns for its second season on Disney+ in January. Star Wars: Resistance, a series with a different animation style, is also streaming on Disney+. The first season of Star Wars: Visions is also streaming, inviting top anime creators to put their spin on the Star Wars universe. The second season of Visions is also in the works.