Star Wars: The Bad Batch Producers on Show's Post-Clone Wars Timeline

Star Wars fans largely break down the events of the franchise into the prequel, original, or [...]

Star Wars fans largely break down the events of the franchise into the prequel, original, or sequel trilogy in regards to when adventures take place, with the new series Star Wars: The Bad Batch unfolding in the time between the prequels and original films, as the series' producers recently broke down what made this timeline so exciting to explore. This series isn't the first adventure to bridge the gap between the two trilogies, as series Star Wars Rebels and movies Solo: A Star Wars Story and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story both fall within this realm, with fans of those experiences all the more excited with the possibilities The Bad Batch presents.

"First, because we really haven't seen it on screen," Jennifer Corbett shared with about selecting this timeframe. "I know that there's been other works, but I love the freedom and the uncertainty that is in this time period. As a history buff, I love exploring how one government falls and another regime rises and the issues that follow. Seeing that through the eyes of the Bad Batch seems really compelling ... being Republic Clone Troopers, and then how they adapt, and how they interact with the Empire and their problems with that. And then how they're going to make a change."

Star Wars: The Clone Wars creator Dave Filoni has been teasing this "Bad Batch" of clones for years, but when that series was unexpectedly cancelled, fans only ever got to see early renditions of them over the years. Luckily, the final season of Clone Wars allowed Filoni to use them to their fullest potential, which would only spark more ideas for what adventures these unique heroes could get up to next.

"[The Bad Batch] were initially conceived way back with Dave Filoni and George Lucas before the Clone Wars wrapped up the first time around," Brad Rau pointed out. "So it's always been in the DNA of The Clone Wars and famously, there were some story reels shown to fans at Celebration a few years back, and they were received really, really well. So it became a natural thing to put them in that final season of Clone Wars, which is really fun, really fun just to watch that. I think of those characters as new characters, but fans were familiar with them, and that we could really dig into and learn more about on this show, was a natural fit."

The first episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch is streaming now on Disney+.

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