Star Wars: Mark Hamill Reveals Original Scrapped 'The Force Awakens' Ending

Fans have been arguing about the events of The Last Jedi for nearly a month, with much of these [...]

Fans have been arguing about the events of The Last Jedi for nearly a month, with much of these debates centering around Luke Skywalker's path prior to the film and throughout its narrative. Even actor Mark Hamill had his reservations about the character, yet that didn't stop him from ensuring that The Force Awakens ended in a way that respected Last Jedi writer/director Rian Johnson's vision for the character. According to Hamill, the film originally ended with Luke levitating boulders.

"When we were doing [The Force Awakens], Rian said, 'We might have boulders floating to show your Force emanating', so I was led to believe that I still had the Force and it was really strong in me," Hamill shared with Mtime. "When I read [The Last Jedi] before [The Force Awakens] came out, I said, 'What?!" and called [Force Awakens director] J.J. [Abrams] or Rian to say, 'Are you guys aware of this? Have you seen a cut? Is there floating boulders?'"

Luckily, Hamill wasn't the only one to have noticed the continuity error before it was too late.

"And they said, 'No, we caught that and we worked it all out,'" the actor revealed of the contradictory plot point.

This information confirms details Hamill shared about the ending of The Force Awakens last year, yet he didn't detail what was changed, as The Last Jedi had yet to be released.

"There was something that happened at the end of The Force Awakens when I'm standing on the cliff," Hamill shared. "I called Rian in a panic because it was all wrong. He said, 'It's okay, I spoke to J.J. and he's taking that scene out.' It just didn't match up with what Rian had written."

One of the more well-known requests about the ending of The Force Awakens came from Johnson himself, asking Abrams if, instead of BB-8 going with Rey to Ahch-To, that R2-D2 be her companion. Given Rey's friendship with BB-8, this partnership seemed like a more natural fit, but we wouldn't have had the moment where Luke came across R2-D2 in The Last Jedi to see the message from Leia that kicked off Luke's journey in the original film.

The Last Jedi is in theaters now.

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