Star Wars Introduces Mysterious New Villains the Nihil

Characters of Star Wars: The High Republic's newest video introduces fans to the mysterious [...]

Characters of Star Wars: The High Republic's newest video introduces fans to the mysterious villains called the Nihil. Star Wars: The High Republic's creators compared the Nihil to space Vikings, the video below describes the Nihil as anarchists on the Outer Rim who use their unique grasp of hyperspace travel to terrorize the galaxy in the wake of the Great Disaster. The group is organized and operates by a storm motif, and foggy clouds follow them wherever they strike. Three Tempest Runners lead the Nihil with the aid of the Eye of the Nihil, the mysterious Marchion Ro, who succeeded his father.

Lucasfilm launched Star Wars: The High Republic earlier this month. The High Republic is a new era of Star Wars set centuries before the Skywalker saga. Lucasfilm launched this new series of animated shorts spotlighting different characters featured in The High Republic's stories. Characters of Star Wars: The High Republic. Each episode spotlights a different character, the first focusing two focusing on Jedi, Vernestra Rwoh and Avar Kriss. caught up with Charles Soule, author of Light of the Jedi, following the debut of the first The High Republic titles. He spoke about what's coming next.

"The High Republic is a multi-year initiative, a gigantic interconnected story told across many different publishing mediums, from comics to middle grade to adult novels like Light of the Jedi," Soule explained. "The story is huge, and we're going to move through it along all of those paths. Every book or comic has a piece of the overall story, and you can read as much or as little as you like – but the fullest experience will be if you read it all. Right now, there's an excellent middle grade novel by Justina Ireland out called A Test of Courage, and the Marvel comic series The High Republic just launched with its #1 issue, written by Cavan Scott and drawn by Ario Anindito. In just a few weeks, we'll get Claudia Gray's young adult novel Into the Dark, and Daniel Jose Older and Harvey Tolibao's High Republic Adventures comic, published by IDW. Then, in the summer, we'll see more stories released in various formats, and it'll roll on from there. And of course, there's Acolyte, the Disney + series set during the end of the High Republic, from Leslye Headland."

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