'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Editor Reveals More Deleted Scenes

Rian Johnson's installment in the ongoing Star Wars saga was the longest entry yet at 150 minutes, but the film has over 30 minutes of scenes cut from the film.

Bob Duscay, editor of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, revealed some of the movie's deleted scenes during a discussion with Collider, teasing some huge moments that didn't make the final cut.

"A lot of what was taken out were actual scenes. They’re just not in the movie anymore," said Duscay. "But like every film, there’s lots—here’s what happens a lot when you put a movie together. You watch the movie and you realize, this scene doesn’t need to start here. It can start later. Or, this scene doesn’t end here, it should end earlier.

"So, there’s a lot of that stuff that goes on, and that leads to a lot of pace improvements when you do those things because often there’s tags or preambles on scenes that you don’t really ultimately need. You might think in the script process that you do, but then once it’s actually a movie you discover that you don’t."

Johnson previously teased that Luke Skywalker's third lesson for Rey, cut from the film, included an extended sequence with the Caretakers. But there was also a longer scene involving Rose Tico, Finn, and DJ that didn't make the film.

"[There's] some stuff with Rose, but I would guess the thing that Rian was mentioning is there’s an extended sequence with Rey and the caretakers, which are the Nun-like fish creature," Duscay said. "That’s actually one of the biggest things that was taken out of the movie. I know what he’s talking about.

"The incursion onto Snoke’s ship has—I mean there’s a lot of stuff that was cut out of that, and Rose and DJ and Finn, and some of it is particularly fun. There’s some really nice stuff in there, but we actually cut that stuff pretty early because it was very clear that that section of the movie was completely lopsided in favor of those three, and it just didn’t support it. But it’s good stuff. It’s really good stuff."


Hopefully we get to see these scenes in the home release of the new movie.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now playing in theaters everywhere.