Star Wars: Edgar Wright Teases That His Last Jedi Character Survived Crait

Directors of the Star Wars franchise have always included their friends as cameos in their movies. This was especially true in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, as director Rian Johnson managed to work in appearances of multiple filmmaker pals and close collaborators. Joe Cornish, Gareth Edwards, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Edgar Wright all appeared in The Last Jedi, most of them as Resistance fighters in the Battle of Crait in the film's third act. Wright was easily the most recognizable of the cameos and, in the wake of the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker's release, he's teasing the fate of his character.

Wright took to Twitter this week to confirm that his character wouldn't be appearing in Rise of Skywalker, which isn't really something anyone expected anyway. Since he's not there, he joked that his character probably died on Crait, but that might not be the case.

"Have not seen new Star Wars yet, so can't spoil anything," Wright wrote in the tweet. "However my character of scruffy Resistance Fighter #3 does not appear, so I'd say it's canon he died in the Battle Of Crait in Episode VIII. Stil waiting for an email back about my proposal for a spin off on Disney Plus."

Matt Martin, a creative executive for Lucasfilm Story Group, Wright's bit another step further with a tweet of his own. Following Wright's claim that his character was probably dead, Martin noted that he never actually saw a body, so that he might have a chance to come back after all. Of course, this matters a great deal more when you realize that Martin actually helps decide what is and isn't Star Wars canon.

"As someone with an official say on what is and isn't canon in the Star Wars galaxy: I didn't see a body."


This is all just for fun, as Wright's appearance was simply a cameo since he and Johnson are friends. But watching it take on a life of its own is certainly fun for the fans.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will arrive in theaters on Friday.