Star Wars: Leia's Final Words to Chewbacca Possibly Revealed in 'The Last Jedi' Novelization

After Carrie Fisher's surprise passing late in 2016, Star Wars fans wondered how The Last Jedi would address why Leia wouldn't appear in any subsequent films. New information about the film's novelization, which writer/director Rian Johnson helped develop, may have confirmed that Leia's final words to Chewbacca are, "It's just us now."

Leia reunited with Chewbacca in The Force Awakens and, following Han's death at the hands of Kylo Ren, the Wookiee was one of her strongest connections to her former partner. In The Last Jedi, Luke came to the aid of the Resistance during the Battle of Crait, only for the exertion of projecting his spirit to result in Luke's death. When what remains of the Resistance boards the Millennium Falcon at the end of the film, Leia's line not only reflects the depleted numbers of the organization,but also confirms that she and Chewbacca are all that remains of the heroes from the original film.

The novelization of the film will elaborate and many elements of the story that didn't make the film's final cut, potentially including details that will explain Leia's absence in Episode IX.

The novel reportedly reveals that, in the scene where Leia is exposed to the hazards of outer space and seemingly recovers, she has begun suffering from a lack of oxygen to her tissue and solar radiation. The damage to Leia's body could be so severe that she doesn't fully recover, despite surviving through the end of the story.

The novel's author, Jason Fry, shared details earlier this year about what other pivotal scenes the novel will feature.

"Rian Johnson and I had an amazing conversation. We got to write entirely new scenes for the book," Fry told The Star Wars Show. "Han Solo's funeral, Rose and Paige Tico together and further explorations of the fascinating world of Canto Bight, to name just a few."

Other reports of the novel's detail also hint at learning more of Supreme Leader Snoke's backstory, with many fans feeling the character was underutilized.

The Last Jedi lands on Digital HD on March 13th and on Blu-ray on March 27th. The novelization hits shelves on March 6th.


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