Star Wars: Rian Johnson Teases 'The Last Jedi' Has Romance But Not Like "Han and Leia"

Whether it be Han and Leia or Anakin and Padme, the Star Wars saga has featured some of the greatest love stories in sci-fi cinema. In The Force Awakens, there was very little exploration of romantic relationships, with The Last Jedi writer/director Rian Johnson teasing there's going to be romance in his film, but nothing on par with Han and Leia.

"It is certainly true that there is romantic drama, but there is nothing the same as the two lovers of Han and Leia, this time [laughs]," Johnson shared with Yahoo! Japan (translated from Japanese). "This movie, which is after the ending moments of The Force Awakens, each character was beginning to walk their own path. So, my duty was to dig down into: where do those paths go for each character?"

Given that the relationship between Han and Leia has been one of the most popular fictional relationships over the past 40 years, it sets the bar quite high for love in the galaxy far, far away.

Additionally, what has made both The Force Awakens and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story unique is that they've featured compelling stories with strong characters, none of which are defined by those romantic relationships.

Due to this lack of an explicit romantic relationship on screen, fans have taken to creating art depicting the relationships they hope to see in upcoming films.

"I've seen pictures of me and my boy, Oscar Isacc, butt naked, in showers and stuff," John Boyega joked to Variety. "We don't personally do that, but I'm open and free to anyone having their expression of art. This is all art at the end of the day, isn't it? It's nice."

With Han Solo out of the picture, many fans have been worried that Poe Dameron will now step into the role of a hotshot pilot with swagger, which star Oscar Isaac clarifies is far from the truth.

"Well, there could be, but I think what [The Last Jedi writer/director] Rian [Johnson] did was make it less about filling a slot and more about what the story needs," Isaac told Esquire about the risk of Dameron becoming a surrogate Solo. "The fact is now that the Resistance has been whittled to just a handful of people, they're running for their lives, and Leia is grooming me — him — to be a leader of the Resistance, as opposed to a dashing, rogue hero."


We'll see what romantic relationships might be at stake when The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.

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