Does Mark Hamill Hate 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'?

Mark Hamill has been involved with the Star Wars saga since its origins, yet The Last Jedi is the first film since Return of the Jedi in which he gets a substantial role. Throughout the promotional tour for the film, the actor has made many jokes and references about how disappointed and surprised he was with the story, leading many to wonder if Hamill genuinely hates the new installment and where it took his character. Check out those responses in the video below.

Given the dramatic turns the character took in the film, it's easy to see how he went along with the production but secretly wanted to let the public know he wasn't happy with the end result, but words from the actor have seemingly stated quite the opposite.

Over the weekend, the actor took to Twitter to express his admiration for The Last Jedi writer/director Rian Johnson.

star wars the last jedi rian johnson mark hamill
(Photo: Twitter/HamillHimself)

One of Hamill's fans, on the other hand, tried to take the opportunity to claim that, based on the video above, Hamill secretly hated the project.

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(Photo: Twitter/HamillHimself)

Hamill specified that he never claimed to have hated the story as to not give the wrong impression about his experience on the film.

Prior to all of his comments about not enjoying the project, he specified how shocked he was about reading the script, yet that it was all worth it.

Earlier this year, Hamill shared with the New York Times that his own feelings about the character clouded his judgment of Johnson's script.

“That’s the hard part,” Hamill said. “You don’t want to admit how possessive you’ve become. There are times where you go, ‘Really? That’s what they think of Luke? I’m not only in disagreement – I’m insulted.’ But that’s the process and you thrash it all out.”

The actor also recently confessed that he wished this new trilogy of films had incorporated more of series creator George Lucas' ideas in the overall trajectory of characters.

“What I wish is that they had been more accepting of his guidance and advice," Hamill told Metro. "Because he had an outline for [Episodes] VII, VIII andIX. And it is vastly different to what they have done.”

This isn't to say that Hamill is unhappy with the direction that the saga has taken, as he is well-aware of how successful the new films have been.

“But then again, I don’t want to be an old stick in the mud," Hamill confessed. "There were the originals. There’s the prequels. But that’s all George. And now we have the next generation. And as far as I can see they are more popular than ever."


You can see what happened to Luke in The Last Jedi, in theaters now.

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