Star Wars: Alleged Description of First Ten Minutes of 'The Last Jedi' Arrives

During a recent press event in Mexico, the first ten minutes of The Last Jedi was screened, in [...]

During a recent press event in Mexico, the first ten minutes of The Last Jedi was screened, in addition to a press conference being held to support the footage. While no official description of the footage shown has been released, one outlet took to their YouTube page to share what these scenes depicted.

***WARNING: Potential spoilers below for The Last Jedi***

For those readers who can understand Spanish, you can watch a reported description in the video below.

For those readers who don't understand Spanish, one Reddit user offered the following description:

"Since I assume most readers don't speak Spanish I'll describe what the woman in the video says: She explained that the footage (approximately 10-13 minutes) shows a space battle and is mostly centered around Poe and BB-8, and how Poe is trying to destroy 'a gun inside of a big ship.' She also says that Hux appeared in the scene and that there is a humorous bit with him (which she claims 'felt like a Marvel movie' although she didn't describe the moment or specify why, and still said the humor throughout the scene was very funny). Then she mentioned that there's a new character who wasn't in the previous movie whose life is threatened at one point in the footage shown and that the movie intermediately makes you care about said character (most likely referring to Rose). She ended saying that 'the destruction in the scene was massive' and that the special effects were great, and at the end started talking about something else but stopped because she didn't want to spoil the rest of the scene, so there's more going on in the scene."

Fans have three more weeks to wait to see if this report is accurate, but based on previous information we've heard about the film's structure, this above description lines up with many theories.

One interesting component of the above description is that it focuses specifically on a battle with no other scenes in these opening 10 minutes. This sounds like a massive amount of time to dedicate to one battle but, given that The Last Jedi is the longest of all Star Wars films, would make sense that a battle would take up so much screentime.

We'll see exactly how the film's opening will play out when The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.

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