Oscar Isaac Loved the Backlash to Poe's Actions in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

After the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, fans who were disappointed with the film latched on to a few keys elements of the film and have spent months regurgitating their displeasure with those moments as "proof" that the film was objectively bad, with many of these points centering around Oscar Isaac's Poe Dameron. The character's journey in the film was mostly criticized for the ways his character was kept in the dark by Laura Dern's Admiral Holdo, with some audience members thinking that the hero should have been looped in on her plans, similarly to how certain audience members felt entitled to see their expectations explicitly fulfilled in the narrative.

The actor recently detailed how he loved the passionate, albeit conflicting responses to his character, which included an event at San Diego Comic-Con where the legal system was applied to Dameron's behavior.

"I love that," Isaac shared with Yahoo Entertainment. "It's incredible, because you have people actually engaging with the ethical question of war and what leadership is. The last thing you want is for people to watch a movie and be like, 'Great,' and then move on. With [The Last Jedi], the conversation continues and can stir real emotions. You're having a conversation about actual things that matter, you know?"

Some disillusioned fans were so upset with the film that they created their own edits which removed all of the female characters, while others have attempted to raise funds to produce an all-new version of The Last Jedi that will cater to their every desire. Isaac even supports fans being proactive about creating art inspired by the galaxy far, far away, even if a fan might face some legal setbacks along the way.

"What I think is really special about the whole thing — particularly for people that really didn't agree with where the story went — is that it's often a great inspiration to do your own stuff," Isaac pointed out. "Obviously, making your own Star Wars movie is a bit of a tough challenge, but at least from a narrative standpoint maybe you make your own thing and then show what you would want. Make what you would want to see."

By the end of The Last Jedi, audiences saw Dameron show some humility and leadership when confronting the First Order on Crait, a role which will likely continue in Star Wars: Episode IX.

Episode IX hits theaters in December of 2019.

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