Simple Fix Could Make Stormtroopers More Competent Shooters

Stormtrooper Helmet Fix

It's a common Star Wars trope that stormtroopers are the most inaccurate bad guys in movie history, not being able to hit the broad side of a barn with their blasters.

But other than thick plot armor for the main characters, an obvious real world reason for this is that the eye placement in their helmets is awful, both in the original design and New Order design. It also explains the notorious stormtrooper that smacks his head on the top of the door in A New Hope.

The talented team at flexed their eye wear knowledge -- even though almost nobody in the Star Wars universe wears glasses -- in coming up with a simple fix for making the stormtroopers more accurate.

If the First Order (previously the Empire) would simply make helmets with a visor instead of separate eye wholes, vision and depth perception would be increased dramatically.

Of course, The Empire (and now New Order) has always chose a foreboding look over practicality, as any real world engineer will tell you that their vehicle designs, such as the AT-AT, are ridiculous for actual combat -- but they do look cool.


The franchise does have a history of introducing audiences to all-new interpretations of the classic Stormtrooper armor and from Snowtroopers to Clone troopers to Death troopers, or the First Order Stormtrooper that had a black stripe on its helmet and black shoulder pads for The Last Jedi.

The black stripe on the helmet and shoulder pads is meant to distinguish this group from the rest of their armada, but it's yet to be seen if these troopers are meant to be more elite or if any other special classifications might come into play -- although a more meaningful update the helmet to actually make the baddies a little better at fighting.