Someone Has Baked The Perfect Baby Yoda Holiday Pie

It's been almost a month since Disney+ launched, giving users not just Star Wars: The Mandalorian but quite possibly the most adorable creature the internet will ever see. We're talking about Baby Yoda, of course and fans still can't get enough of the adorable character. That means we've seen all sorts of memes and fan art, but now we're seeing something that really takes the cake -- er, pie. That's right, a very talented pie maker has turned Baby Yoda into a holiday-themed pastry wonder and it's something that's almost too perfect to eat.

As was spotted on Twitter, pie artist Jessica Clark-Bojin (@ThePieous) has created a stunning Baby Yoda pie featuring the beloved creature front and center wearing a darling Santa hat and sipping on not soup, but a festive holiday drink -- looks like hot chocolate -- complete with little candy cane. It's absolutely adorable and while the pie itself looks delicious it's Baby Yoda, folks. It's almost too cute to eat.

This incredible pie isn't the first piece of art we've seen. Clark-Bojin made an incredible The Dark Crystal-themed pie earlier this year that featured a Skeksis (The Chamberlain) made out of pastry and a Gelfling done in modeling chocolate. That pie was also almost too beautiful to eat as well.

As for non-pastry Baby Yoda, the breakout "star" of The Mandalorian continues to be extremely popular with fans, so much so that there's even a petition asking for a Baby Yoda emoji. The petition, at the time of this article's writing, has just under 10,000 signatures.

"Well...this is pretty self-explanatory. I think Baby Yoda should be an emoji," Bramble's petition description reads. "He stole our hearts and now I want him to steal our keyboard space. Your friend shares a pic of her new born baby? Respond with a cute little Baby Yoda emoji to show that you think her little rascal is cute beyond words. You're sick and your mom texts you "do you want some soup?" Respond back with a cute little Baby Yoda to show her that your thirst for soup is insatiable. Join me into this movement and let your voices be heard. WE WANT BABY YODA EMOJI!!!"

What do you think? Is this Baby Yoda pie too cute to eat? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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