Star Wars: The Mandalorian’s Virtual Production Supervisor Shares Behind-the-Scenes Stories

Star Wars: The Mandalorian isn't returning to Disney+ until October, but there's still been plenty of news and fun content circulating this month about the hit series. Not only are Mando and Baby Yoda gracing the latest covers of Empire Magazine, but many new Baby Yoda toys were revealed earlier this week. This week has also seen some fun Twitter posts from Ian Milham, a Virtual Production Supervisor for ILM Visual Effects. Milham has been sharing images from the show while explaining how certain shots were made and telling a few fun behind-the-scenes stories.

“This scene is one I'm sneaky proud of, even though it's not showy, because everyone knows exactly what that place should look like. No room for error. Amazing work by the ILM content team, Art Dept, and Stagecraft,” Milham wrote

You can check out the post below:

Here are some more posts from the set:

“Another thing that knocked me out was how fast and pro the practical set crew was. We'd finish late at night and by 5am the whole set would change. Sometimes literally tons of dirt in and out. These shots could be hours apart on the same stage,” he added.

“The bar where @ginacarano met Mando and whipped that Zabrak's ass was also super fun to do. This was the first time we really got the camera moving fast, so real time FPS was key and some old school console style profiling and optimization came into play,” he shared.


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The first season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian is now available to stream on Disney+. If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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